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Origin: Cuban
Manufactured: Hand made


Medium to Full

Length: 143mm
Vitola de galera: Corona Gorda
Ring: 46
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The Cohiba Siglo IV is part of the Cohiba cigars Siglo collection – which celebrates the 500th anniversary of Colombus’ discovery of Cuba.

The Siglo IV comes in at a lengthier size of 143mm as well as a ring gauge of 46. With a longer length, you get more time to appreciate the naturally sourced tobacco this smoke is filled with.

With medium-full flavours, this Cohiba delivers just what you’d expect from the brand. It releases the perfect balance of cedar and earthy tones. Giving cigar connoisseurs like yourself a well-rounded smoke.

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Single Cigar, Pack of 3 AT, Pack of 5, Box of 25


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